Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bewilderment, Outrage, and Confusion

Clinton Hostage Crisis

Speaking at the Sheraton Hotel in Portsmouth, N.H.,late last night, Clinton said she felt “bewilderment, outrage, and confusion” upon learning that some of her campaign workers had been taken hostage.

“These were my staff members and volunteers. It was, for me and my campaign, an especially tense and difficult day,” Clinton said. “We’re immensely relieved that this has ended peacefully."

Bewilderment, outrage and confusion. The words of the woman who wants to become Commander-in-Chief. Great start. How often can we expect those feelings to overtake the woman who dreams of heading the nation?

How long would it take for the haze of bewilderment to lift from her brow if terrorists hit the US again? Would her outrage last long enough to order the military to counter-attack? Or would she retreat into confusion? What would she do about the weather? A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico aiming for New Orleans? Would she order the population to run for their lives?

How about people who default on their mortgages? Would she find their predicaments bewildering or confusing? Would she alleviate bewilderment and confusion through the intervention of the federal government in financial markets? Would she seek to void legally valid and binding contracts between borrowers and creditors? Bewilderment.

CompUSA is closing its stores. It's over. Beaten by Best-Buy and Wal-Mart. Would she support special financing for CompUSA? What does she think of Wal-Mart, the employer of one million workers in the US? Outrage.

The auto industry is changing in many ways. From our perspective, the loss of American dominance is a major change. On one hand, the Germans bought Chrysler for about $38 billion, aiming to refashion it and increase their presence in the US market. On the other hand, after seven years of struggle, the Germans dumped Chrysler for a net amount of about $1 billion. A giveaway price. They were unable to manage the US labor market, among other problems. Meanwhile, Toyota surpassed GM as the world's largest car-maker. Does she understand economics? Confusion.

She is the same woman who did told the nation her husband did not have sex with that woman. In other words, she is either a world class liar or the dumbest wife in America. The evidence suggests she is both.

She claims to have mastered futures trading after studying the topic for an hour at the knees of Don Tyson, head of the Tyson Chicken Company. Proof of her mastery arrived soon after his tutelage ended. She multiplied a $1,000 speculation into a $100,000 profit her first time in the game. Warren Buffett laughed.

Is it possible there are enough willing dupes in the country to elect this woman to the presidency? I sure hope not. Would voters elect a woman who thinks a drunk with road flares duct-taped to his body is cause for bewilderment, outrage and confusion? I hope not.


Anonymous Rand McNally said...

"Is it possible there are enough willing dupes in the country .."

is it possible that there are ANY dupes in this country willing to blog with this idiot!

7:43 PM  

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