Thursday, April 10, 2008

Have You Got the Guts for This?

Good news for the heartless, or those in need of a heart. Many will breathe easier knowing this organization is prepared to help the living by finding generous people who no longer need their mortal coils. From those abandoned coils many fortunate people will receive the replacement parts they desperately need.

The Anatomy Gifts Registry (AGR) has developed a program to assist those interested in donating their bodies to medical science, and to assist their families with a pre-planning package entitled the “Future Donor Program”.

Anatomy Gifts Registry is a non-profit corporation that provides an alternative to traditional funerals while supporting medical science and education. AGR is the largest national whole-body donation registry.

AGR works with many different researchers and clinicians from many diverse backgrounds and fields. Click here to read some examples of the studies that benefit from human tissue donation through the AGR program.

HEADQUARTERS: 500 McCormick Drive
Suite E Glen Burnie, MD 21061

P: 1.800.300.LIFE
F: 410.863.0497


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