Sunday, June 07, 2009

Al Gore Praises North Korean Environmentalism

Though holding two Americans, North Korea has shown it is good for the Planet

The United States might send former US vice president Al Gore to Pyongyang to negotiate the release of two American journalists on trial in North Korea for illegal entry while he also reports on the nation's environmental successes.

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly did not rule out such a possibility when asked if it would make sense to send environmentalist Gore, who is also chairman of the California station Current TV, which employs the two journalists.

"It's a very, very sensitive issue, I'm not going to go into it," Kelly told reporters who pressed him on the matter. "But he wants to let the world know about the benefits of the North Korean environmental model while attempting to free the journalists," he added.

The two women, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, went on trial in North Korea Thursday on charges that could send them to a labor camp for years and further raise tensions with Washington following last week's nuclear test.

The TV reporters were detained by North Korean border guards on March 17 while researching a story about refugees fleeing the hardline communist state.

In a column published May 9 in the Washington Post, Victor Cha, a former adviser to president George W. Bush on North Korea, suggested that President Barack Obama's administration should send Gore to Pyongyang.

"The North Koreans would respect someone of his stature, and his stake in the issue would make his mission eminently credible," he added.

During his visit Gore will study and report on the country’s environmental efforts and policies. As many know, North Korea has been a leader in reducing and eliminating bad environmental habits that define the existence of all democratic and capitalistic nations.

Gore has previously commended North Korea for minimizing the damage done by its industrial organizations.

“North Korea”, he said, “has shown that it’s possible for a nation to exist with only a few factories that produce simple products. You won’t see vast industrial parks where large quantities of hazardous materials are used to construct products that are of little value to the people of this great nation.”

He also praised North Korea for its agricultural policies.

“Farmers in this great nation know that it is best to treat Mother Nature with kindness. That’s why they plant their fields by walking them with a seed bag over their shoulders and a sharp stick to put the seeds in the Earth.”

He also noted that obesity is not a problem in North Korea. Best of all, however, is the view of North Korea from the sky.

"At night", said Mr. Gore, "when our spy satellites pass over North Korea, they show a country with its lights turned out. These people know how to save energy. Unlike their South Korean neighbors, who live in a country lit up like Times Square on New Year's Eve."

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