Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Female Problems

A young female resident of Ditmas Park wrote:


Yesterday -- Saturday September 12th -- in the middle of the afternoon - in broad daylight - my girlfriend and I were physically accosted along Cortelyou road by three young men who repeatedly threatened to violently rape us, simply for walking hand in hand down the sidewalk together. We called 911 after we managed to get away from them but only officers on foot responded, and too late to find the men to make a report and press charges.

I have lived in this neighborhood for three years, and I love it...What I don't love about this neighborhood is the amount of cat-calling and harassment I have to face almost every day as a woman walking down the street here.

I can't remember the last time I was able to walk between my apartment on Ocean Avenue and the Q train along Cortelyou without being whistled at or having kissing noises made at me or having to either absorb or deflect off-color or vulgar comments from men of all ages and all races.

This only gets worse when I walk with my girlfriend through the neighborhood. I used to have the sense that this was a safe place for women (and for lesbian and gay couples) but that sense is rapidly fading.

I feel infinitely safer walking alone or with my girlfriend through Park Slope and Prospect Heights, neighborhoods where I also spend a lot of time.

I want to live here in Ditmas Park, to realize all the good this neighborhood has to offer, to invest in the new businesses and to contribute to, participate in and benefit from the thriving sense of community here, but I am starting to feel like the constant threats and misogyny I feel on the streets here (and not in other places in Brooklyn) are not worth the payoff.

What's a girl to do? Anyone care to examine the problem? She's young and good-looking. But she lives near people who were practically raised by wolves. Is there any doubt about the source of the verbal harrassment and menacing aimed at her?

Sure. It's a cliche that white construction workers ogle young attractive women passing by. But that's not what happened. She's having trouble spouting the facts. She was confronted by "three young men" -- who were black and/or hispanic.

A female reader identified as DINGLEberries responded to the young woman's problem with the following:

"Hate to hear this. I have the same problems along Church Ave (though it's more expected along church). "

MORE EXPECTED ALONG CHURCH. We know what that means.

Almost all the residents of the neighborhood around Church Avenue are black and hispanic. At least DINGLEberries is honest about the source of her harrassment. However, her honesty is certain to offend the hyper-sensitive residents around Cortelyou who want to pretend that bad behavior appears among every racial and ethnic group in equal amounts.

What's a girl to do?


The victim said:

"I feel infinitely safer walking alone or with my girlfriend through Park Slope and Prospect Heights, neighborhoods where I also spend a lot of time."

In other words, she's considering the updated version of White Flight. The Girl Goes. That's the only smart move. The threats she faced were serious enough to be criminal, but her tormenters got away before the police reached her. Meanwhile, to make the situation worse, at least two of the candidates running for the city council seat in our district believe the police are guilty of harrassing the black and hispanic residents of the neighborhood. Since most of the complaints from women harrassed between Ocean Avenue and the Q train will identify black and hispanic men as their tormenters, our city councilman will turn this around and blame the women.

So far, the solutions to the problem put the weight on women, advising them on how to avoid attracting attention. Or suggesting they carry pepper spray.

Okay ladies. Apparently it's time to go Muslim and start wearing a burqa. It's on you. Frankly, there's no hope for the idea that the behavior of men will change. Like most behavior, the roots of misogynistic behavior go a long way back. The kids learn it at home.

It's reinforced at school. Anyone who has spent time in NY City public schools knows this. We are living with the blowback of liberal policies that force acceptance of anti-social behavior, which are further reinforced by the behavior of black celebrities, most recently Kanye West, and earlier by Chris Brown when he battered Rhianna. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston have been at it so long, no one cares anymore. Ike and Tina?

The abuse reached hilarious and ironic heights in the last few days when the videos of the white couple, portraying a pimp and his hooker, were given top-notch service and advice from black staffers, mainly Volda Albert, at the Brooklyn office of ACORN, where the duo sought help getting a mortgage for a whorehouse in which they planned to offer sex with underage girls brought illegally from Guatemala.

Anyway, if local experience is not convincing, take a trip to black, hispanic or muslim country. You will see misogyny on steroids and see that women are slaves in most muslim countries and treated as chattel in black and hispanic countries.


Blogger Lisa said...

I don't come here and shit in your space, stay out of mine. I made it clear that I am not interested in a debate, honor that.

Coward my ass. I was clear.

1:43 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


You are a coward. You cannot handle a debate, which is your fatal weakness.

As far as posting on my site, you post whatever you like.

That's one difference between us. It's okay with me if you want to show your limited grasp of issues on my site.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

News for you - when you blog using your real name and not using a proxy server, then you can call someone a coward. I own my thoughts. And you're right - I don't want to debate with you.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

And um, I'm not seeing any readers here so......

2:36 PM  
Blogger Pain said...

Leave her alone . . . or there will be Hell to pay.

4:24 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


lisa is, as I stated, a coward who cannot keep up a debate. So, like the typical liberal, she runs away.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Hey, like I said - when you start blogging without the use of a proxy server and using your real name, then you can call me a coward and perhaps have some credibility. Til then, fuck off, coward.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Fredrick Schwartz said...

Well Der Kapo the jig is up. Nobody reads your blog so you go and pick fights with nice ladies like Lisa in an effort to "boost your readership." Pain and I have accounted for more hits on your site today than you've had this Well Der Kapo the jig is up. Nobody reads your blog so you go and pick fights with nice ladies like Lisa in an effort to "boost your readership." Pain and I have accounted for more hits on your site today than you've had this summer.

Matty Boy said back in November all that ever needed to be said about you. Formulate a cogent opinion about something not steeped in bigotry and maybe we can talk. You aren't an intellectual you are a guy who takes digital mucilage and cuts and pastes his way to mediocrity.

Check the Flesch Kincaid score on that little nugget boyo!

7:52 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


Once again, you run from the issues. Your identity is irrelevant to me. I respond only to your views.

You, however, are incapable of that.

8:46 AM  
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