Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Katie Couric -- Industrial-Strength Job Killer

Is the news somehow better when you hear it from Katie Couric? Does her delivery change reality? Does she make bad medicine go down more easily? Really? Does her image on TV add value to a news program? Frankly, there is NO WAY her presence matters. On the other hand, as the following articles states, her extraordinary salary is enough to pay 200 reporters $75,000 a year. Thus, she's a one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to causing unemployment among journalists. The only option is to fire her. And the other networks should smarten up and fire their over-paid talking heads too.


Wed Feb 03 2010

CBSNEWS anchorwoman and 60 MINUTES contributor Katie Couric faces a dramatic pay cut at the network, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

CBS boss Les Moonves is determined to save money and trim expenses -- from top to bottom -- at the former crown jewel of broadcasting.

Couric, the highest paid TV news personality in history, commands over $14 million a year, plus bumps for non-EVENING NEWS appearances.

But her salary is now in the direct line of fire, network insiders explain, and a populist backlash against Couric's cash is said to be forming inside the newsroom.

"She makes enough to pay 200 news reporters $75,000 a year!" demands a veteran producer. "It's complete insanity."

The angry source continues: "We report with great enthusiasm how much bankers are making, how it is out of step with reality during a recession. We'll, look at Katie!"


Couric's $300,000 a week paycheck has become the obsession of disgruntled CBS staff, just as deep layoffs rock the fishbowl.

Dozens of employees -- including staff members in D.C., San Francisco, Miami, London, Los Angeles and Moscow -- are being let go, the NEW YORK OBSERVER reports.

Couric's current CBS contract expires next year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called on President Barack Obama to form a White House commission to help save the press. Tears welled in the lifelong reporter’s eyes as he discussed the dwindling number of war correspondents.


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Nice fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

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Blogger no_slappz said...

Better to have 200 journalists out there gathering and reporting news instead of paying one princess to perform uselessly on TV.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you for once! That is a feat in and of itself! A miracle!

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