Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bring on the anti-islamic Hooligans

How do you stop muslim terrorists from disrupting the World Cup? Send in the soccer hooligans and set them loose.

Meanwhile, early warnings about terrorist attacks, especially early warnings from the terrorist group itself, are odd. If the US had had a similar warning about the events scheduled for 9/11, our security forces would have stopped the terrorists. By appearing to telegraph their plans, al-Qaeda shows it has learned a valuable lesson: It's possible to create massive turmoil among non-muslims simply by issuing threats through the media. The islamic terrorists have learned they can scramble entire cities with a few brief words about terror attacks that most likely are nothing but talk.

Seems like a Red Herring Alert to me. As a result of al-Qaeda's Public Service Announcement, security agents in South Africa, itself a relatively lawless place, will work fulltime from now till the World Cup competition is over. In other words, if planning for actual attacks is underway, then those attacks will occur in countries other than South Africa. If one were tossing out a guess about the site of the actual attacks the US -- NY City -- should probably appear on the list. Maybe London.

A good bet is any sub-Sahara African nation with a muslim population that is growing in number and power. Perhaps Nigeria, which, due to Nigeria's importance to global oil supplies, offers terrorists a bonus tied to oil prices.

AL-QAEDA have vowed to bomb the World Cup - with England players top of their hitlist.

The terror group pledged to target the match between England and the USA in South Africa in June, warning "hundreds" of fans could die.

A branch of al-Qaeda which last year killed British hostage Edwin Dyer, 61, in Mali made the threats.

Security ... England ace Lampard

They also vowed to target resorts, hotels and car parks used by supporters during the tournament. And they claimed explosive devices which cannot be detected by security scans would be used.

The threats appear on al-Qaeda-linked websites. A statement said: "How beautiful would the game between England and the USA be when broadcast live from a stadium full of spectators - when the sound of an explosion rumbles through the stands. The resulting death toll is in the dozens and hundreds - Allah willing."

Security around England stars such as Frank Lampard is likely to be stepped up as they play in Cape Town and other cities.

The threats from al-Qaeda's North African network were last night being taken seriously by terror experts.

Neil Doyle said: "They have a track record for violence."

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