Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP's Water World

Maybe Kevin Costner's second act will play out on the stage of an oil platform in the Gulf. Here's to hoping his clean-up technology works.

BP Seriously Just Purchased 32 Oil Cleanup Machines From Kevin Costner

Posted Jun 15, 2010

How desperate is BP? CEO Doug Suttles finally agreed to purchase 32 of the miracle oil-cleanup machines touted weeks ago by Kevin Costner, according to ABC News.

"We were confident the technology would work but we needed to test it at the extremes. We've done that and are excited by the results," said Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer. "We are very pleased with the results and today we have placed a significant order with OTS [Costner's Ocean Therapy Solutions] and will be working with them to rapidly manufacture and deploy 32 of their machines."

The Waterworld actor was so appalled by Exxon-Valdez that he spent $20 million of his own money to develop a centrifuge that separates oil from water. His company, Costner's Ocean Therapy Solutions, is not a joke.

Says Costner: "If 20 of my V20s [machines] would have been at the Exxon Valdez, 90 percent of that oil would have been cleaned up within the week."


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