Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scammers of the World will Unite around ObamaCare

Obama created a generous healthcare plan. However, it's so generous it's guaranteed to attract more than just a band of Armenian scammers bilking US taxpayers out of $100 million or $200 million. The new program promises to reward scammers on a far grander scale.

Inasmuch as illegal aliens will get coverage, it will be impossible to track the flood of claims made for services never rendered. Moreover, with the expansion needed to accommodate the anticipated 45 million additional patients, a large number of fraudulent service providers will emerge. No doubt they see the huge rewards ObamaCare is promising.

Dozens Arrested in Medicare-Fraud Scheme

An Armenian-American organized crime ring based in New York and Los Angeles allegedly bilked federal health-care programs for tens of millions of dollars using stolen doctor and patient identities, law-enforcement authorities said Wednesday.

In New York, prosecutors charged more than 40 people with fraudulently billing Medicare for more than $100 million as part of a nationwide health-care fraud sweep that included arrests in Ohio, New Mexico, and Georgia.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested 20 people in New York early Wednesday and others were taken into custody around the country, said Richard Kolko, a spokesman for the agency's New York office.

The Armenian group allegedly stole the identities of doctors and patients and used their names to file reimbursement requests from Medicare for procedures that weren't performed at clinics across the country that didn't exist.

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