Monday, March 21, 2011


Is there any wonder why our Moon has affected us so?

Very close encounters of the 'super moon' kind: Amazing pictures of our lunar neighbour... the nearest it's been in 20 years

March 21st 2011

It looks like an intergalactic pilot is trying to cut the moon in half. In fact, this memorable image was created by a very Earthly vapour trail from a plane.

The shot is one of many extraordinary pictures of our nearest neighbour taken across the world this weekend, including a magical one below at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset.

As well as being full, the moon is currently relatively close to the Earth.

On Saturday it was 220,625 miles away, making it seem brighter and yellower and creating the eye-catching 'super moon' effect.

It was the first time since January 19, 1992, that the moon has been so close to the Earth. At its furthest, it can be 250,000 miles away.

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Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Spectacular viewing! We spent 29 years in the high Mojave Desert, and when a city friend would visit,
we would take them up to a campsite
away town and highway lights to view the Milky Way...a panorama of a billion suns in the midnight blue. Breathtaking! - reb
___ ___

10:18 PM  

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