Sunday, March 06, 2011

Obama raises oil prices and cuts jobs

How much more evidence do we need to prove the president is an ideologue on a mission to ruin the US economy because he believes myths about oil, energy, jobs, the auto industry and the rudiments of prosperity? He is determined to stick with his groundless, harmful beliefs that electric cars, including the Chevy Volt, which no one is buying, can change the way America travels and how it uses fuel.

How many members of the UAW have no work because car-buyers are purchasing only about 10 Chevy Volts per day? When a highly touted car model sells in such low numbers, the only word that can describe it is FLOP.

Americans want cars that run on gasoline and they want gasoline prices to drop. But Obama is standing in the way of both demands. Americans also want high paying jobs. The Energy Industry has plenty of those jobs -- when the government gets out of the way.

Since the upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East began, Obama has given no assitance to entire nations of people revolting against their tyrannical dictators and demanding democracy. His hands-off strategy says only that he willingly accepts the slaughter of citizens by their government. Libyans are dying in substantial numbers as Gaddafi's air assaults continue. What does Obama do? He goes out to play golf.

Interior appeals oil drilling ruling

The Obama administration late Friday appealed a judge's orders directing the Interior Department to act on several Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling permits.

The appeal is the latest salvo in the ongoing fight over the speed with which Interior is – or isn't – letting oil drillers get back to work after last year's BP oil spill.

Gulf state lawmakers and the oil industry have accused the department of enacting a "de facto" moratorium against new drilling, while Interior says it needs to ensure safety and environmental protections are in place.

Friday's appeal challenges rulings by Judge Martin Feldman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, who on Feb. 17 gave Interior 30 days to make a verdict on five pending deepwater drilling permits applications. He later added two additional permits to that order.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had hinted the appeal was coming at a Senate hearing Wednesday.

“The judge in this particular case in my view is wrong," Salazar said. “And we will argue the case because I don’t believe that the court has the jurisdiction to basically tell the Department of Interior what my administrative responsibilities are.”

He added, “the policy we have in mind is unmistakingly clear: We are moving forward with the development of oil and gas” production."

Earlier in February, the judge held Interior in contempt, citing "dismissive conduct" by blocking offshore drilling during last year's spill.

The delay in issuing permits since last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill is “increasingly inexcusable," Feldman wrote.

Interior on Monday announced the approval of the first deepwater drilling permit held up since last year’s spill. The permit, issued to Noble Energy for a well partially owned by BP, was not one of those that Feldman’s ruling addressed.

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Blogger Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

Is it not true that inflation is not a science?

9:09 AM  
Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Wesley - Is it not true.. that in 2008 Alaska's Governor Palin urged us to 'drill now" in ANWR if we want $2.00 gasoline at the pump?

___ ___

11:26 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


Are you new to economics? It is more a social science than a hard science.

Obviously the Fed has some good strategies for holding inflation down. But that alone is not enough.

Unfortunately, Obama believes the government knows what people want and need. Based on his love of electric cars and solar energy, he also believes the government can demand chnages in the laws of physics and chemistry.

However, he will have the same luck changing those laws as Jimmy Carter. Fortunately, Carter was booted from office after one term. If we are lucky, Obama will get booted in 2012.

9:02 AM  

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