Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama: Spend More on Energy to Save on Energy

Obama is creating his own words and concepts to expand the range of Orwell's NewSpeak. To him, Spending More = Spending Less. Meanwhile, he said the taxpayer subsidies to the oil & gas industry amount to an annual total of $4 billion.

Four Billion? That's all? I'll take the president's word for it and gladly stand for the termination of those subsidies. Then let's get down to drilling and jump-starting the painfully slow recovery we're muddling through.

Of course if Obama truly wanted to speed the recovery and reduce our consumption of imported oil, he would remove the barriers to domestic energy exploration and exploitation. Not only would a larger domestic energy industry reduce oil imports, it would put a lot of people to work in high-paying jobs. Okay, the downside is the generally messiness of the energy industry. But that's what smart legislation is for.

We can do anything and we can do it well, which, in this case, means cleaning up. Sadly and unfortunately, Obama's approach suggests he want to force Americans into paying high prices for energy alternatives that offer much less than the conventional supplies.

Obama pumps plan to develop renewable energy

Obama says developing renewable energy sources is 1 answer to rising gasoline, oil prices

April 23, 2011

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama says one answer to high gasoline prices is to spend money developing renewable energy sources.

"That's the key to helping families at the pump and reducing our dependence on foreign oil" in the long term, he said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address.

Obama raises the issue of rising fuel prices during almost every public appearance and says that he understands the strain higher fuel costs are putting on some family budgets.

He announced Thursday during an event in Reno, Nev., that the Justice Department will begin looking for cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets, even though Attorney General Eric Holder suggested a variety of legal reasons may be behind the surging gas prices.

As he has before, Obama said Saturday there is no "silver bullet" that will slash gas prices immediately. But he said there are things government can do to help make a difference in the long term. They also include boosting U.S. oil production, rooting out any illegal activity by traders and speculators and ending $4 billion in annual taxpayer subsidies to oil and gas companies.

"Instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy sources, we need to invest in tomorrow's," Obama said.

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Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Sir No-Slappz, am I dreaming?

Did President O-Bozo really say we were gonna "spend more on energy to save more at the pump"? Does that mean he's ready to drill now..
in proven ANWR, to get American Oil to the lower 48, then allow the oil folks to drill in Pennsylvania & West Virginia for abundant Shale Natural Gas, like T.Boone Pickens suggested?

Real Energy Independence! Wow, did O-bla-bla say that?

___ ___

8:08 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


Obama has learned the art of Newspeak, the language developed by George Orwell in his novel -- 1984.

2:10 PM  

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