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Grenade Tossing -- Newest Olympic Sport

Is there any form of life muslims hate more than humans? They hate Westerners, Christians and Jews. They even hate each other. However, it appears they've recently added the Chinese to their list of hate victims. If space aliens land in the middle east, there is no doubt muslims will force them to convert or chop off their heads, if the aliens have heads.

Do muslims understand the motivations that drive them to attack and kill? It seems they do not. Have their battles led to gains? Have they thrown out oppressive governments? Have improved their world? Sadly, the answer is No.

Chinese border assault kills 16

Sixteen Chinese policemen have been killed in an attack on a border post in the restive Muslim region of Xinjiang, state media say.

Two attackers reportedly drove up to the post in a rubbish truck and threw two grenades, before moving in to attack the policemen with knives.

The attack came four days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
Both attackers were captured during the raid near the city of Kashgar, Xinhua state news agency reported.

Kashgar, known as Kashi in Chinese, is some 2,500 miles (4,000km) from Beijing, near the border with Tajikistan.

Xinhua said the attack happened at about 0800 (0000 GMT), as the policemen were jogging outside the compound.

Although the episode happened a long way away from Beijing, the very fact that it happened, and the fact that it happened this week, will make the organisers of the Beijing Olympics nervous, says the BBC's James Reynolds in Xinjiang.

Uighur suppression

Fourteen policemen died at the scene of the attack and two on the way to hospital. Another 16 policemen were hurt.

One of the attackers was reported to have been injured in the leg.

Xinjiang, in the north-west of the country, is home to the Muslim Uighur people. Uighur separatists have waged a low-level campaign against Chinese rule for decades.
Human rights groups say Beijing is suppressing the rights of Uighurs.

China has spoken in the past of what it calls a terrorist threat from Muslim militants in Xinjiang, but it has provided little evidence to back up its claims, says the BBC's Daniel Griffiths in Beijing.
A spokesman for the Beijing Games Organising Committee told Xinhua he was confident that Olympic participants and spectators would be safe.

"China has focused on strengthening security and protection around Olympic venues and at the Olympics Village, so Beijing is already prepared to respond to any threat," Sun Weide was quoted as saying.


Last week, a senior Chinese army officer warned that Islamic separatists were the biggest danger to the Olympics.

The term is used by the government to refer to Islamist separatists in Xinjiang.

Late last month a group called the Turkestan Islamic Party said it had blown up buses in Shanghai and Yunnan, killing five people.

But China denied that the explosions were acts of terrorism.

The Washington-based IntelCenter, which monitors terrorism communications, said the Turkestan Islamic Party had released a video entitled Our Blessed Jihad in Yunnan.

In it, the group's leader, Commander Seyfullah, said it was responsible for several attacks and threatened the Olympics.

"The Chinese have haughtily ignored our warnings," IntelCenter quoted him as saying.

"The Turkestan Islamic Party volunteers... have started urgent actions."


In Beijing, Chinese police and a small group of protesters clashed in Qianmen district, near Tiananmen Square.

The demonstrators complained that they had been evicted from their homes to make way for the reconstruction of the district.

The Olympic torch is due to be carried round a stadium in Mianyang, Sichuan province, which was used to house thousands of people forced from their homes by a devastating earthquake in May.

The torch will go on to the provincial capital in Chengdu on Tuesday before heading to Beijing for the opening ceremony on Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect the Muslims to do: roll over and play dead or start singing "We Shall Overcome". When did self-defense become a crime? The enemies of Muslims understand only one thing: FORCE AND VIOLENCE. George Washington said it best, "If you want peace, prepare for war". Muslims are doing just that. What is wrong with it? Get over it.

2:09 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


It's obvious muslims have have a painfully limited view of the world.

Will the day arrive when muslims realize a religion that is also a form of government should engage in more activities than self-destruction?

The muslim world has shown virtually no advancement since the year 1000. That is a long time for a cultural hibernation.

Why are muslims so backward?

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What is your definition of backwardness? Christ (peace be upon him) did not ride a thorough bread, a bike, a bus, a car, a limo, a train, a ship, a plane, but a donkey! Does that make him (PBUH) a backward person?

Don't put too much faith in this so called advanced civilization. Where did the Holocaust take place? Who started the WMD? Who dropped the first WMD on another nation? What this so called advanced civilization has done to the environment? People will tell you when you go to Muslim lands, don’t drink the water; however, in the so called advanced countries, they tell you don’t breath! What happened to your advanced civilization?

Muslims are people of faith. They are the saviors of the world. Where there is love, there is faith. Where there is faith, there peace. Where there is peace, there is God. Where there is God, there is no need! Muslims are committed to Truth and Justice. Are the so called advanced civilizations committed to Truth and Justice or only economic self-interest?

You have changed the subject. The issue is not why Muslims are not technologically at par with this so called advance civilization. The central issue is the violation Muslims' rights. People have a right to defend themselves. I agree. We may not like or approve of the methods they use. That does not make their cause to be condemned. It is still a noble cause. What do you expect the Chinese Muslims to do?


11:28 AM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


When you state that Christ rode on a donkey, and you offer this observation as a point about "backwardness" it is clear you have the "arab" mind. Even if you are not arab -- I have no idea -- you have shown that you depend upon the illogic that defines islam.

What relevance exists in the mode of transport used by a person living 2,000 years ago? Humans depended upon "beasts of burden" like donkeys, and the wheel. Or their two feet.

By the way, your immediate default to citing the leading figure in Christianity shows that you see the world through religion.

Religion has benefited humans here and there. Some beliefs are admirable and good for humans. But much of religion is an abuse of hapless fools who believe utter nonsense -- like believing a god spoke to a human who wrote the words that formed the Koran. That is one of the sillier religious myths.

Myths about Christ abound too. It must be remembered that the writers of the New Testament of the Bible waited at least a hundred years AFTER the death of Jesus before telling their tale.

The Bible contains a lot of good advice on how to live, but it also contains a lot of ridiculous material, which sane people should ignore.

As for your attempts to claim there is something evil about the non-islamic world by citing the Holocaust, well, nice try, but your claim has no merit.

Your claim is a non-sequitur. There is no connection between the Evil of Nazism and the technology of the 1930s and 1940s. None. Nothing. Human slaughter has occurred repeatedly throughout history. Meanwhile, Jews have been the victims many times.

However, if you want slaughter with big numbers, then look at the Soviet Union and Communist China. There is no doubt over 30 million citizens of each country were slaughtered in name of Communism -- the godless form of government.

Meanwhile, it appears the ONLY goal of islam is to convert or kill non-muslims. It is painfully obvious that islam does not accept the existence or presence of other religions. This alone is enough identify islam as a terrorist religion.

When muslims embrace democracy, capitalism and plurality the world will be a better place. But until then, muslims will have a big problem getting along in the world.

As expected, you argued that Chinese muslims have rights and that they have the right to defend themselves.

The news item I posted involved the murder of 16 policement by muslims throwing hand grenades.

Thus, you are claiming that a group of muslims -- because they are muslim -- have a right to murder Chinese policemen.

Thus, your argument assumes that a muslim has the right to murder a non-muslim. This view is based in the belief that a muslim is not bound by a non-muslim government.

This is a typical muslim view. It is consistent with honor killings and attacks on non-muslims around the world.

Historically, the solution has been to create a separate state for muslims. India split, forming Pakistan and ultimately Bangladesh. Yugoslavia split into three countries.

If the so-called palestinians had any brains, they would have long ago accepted a two-state solution with Israel. But, as we know, the so-called palestinians want to destroy Israel more than they want their own country. The palestinian behavior is classic mental illness.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Jay Midnyte said...

What do you expect the Muslims to do: roll over and play dead or start singing "We Shall Overcome". When did self-defense become a crime? The enemies of Muslims understand only one thing: FORCE AND VIOLENCE.
Thus, you are claiming that a group of muslims -- because they are muslim -- have a right to murder Chinese policemen.

Thus, your argument assumes that a muslim has the right to murder a non-muslim. This view is based in the belief that a muslim is not bound by a non-muslim government.
I coulda sworn Tahir wrote, "When did self-defense become a crime?"

Meanwhile, Slappz claims Tahir said, "Muslims have a right to murder Chinese policemen."

Slappz, when will you stop ducking the argument and running around in circles and directly answer the questions??

7:22 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...

jay, you seem to have been fooled -- rather easily -- by the use of the term "self-defense" by tahir.

His use of the term is the basis for realizing that many muslims believe they are free to ignore laws from non-muslim -- non-Koranic -- sources.

Are you unaware that wherever muslim communities exist, conflicts with local power inevitably arises?

These are always cases of muslims putting their religion over the law of the land. There are undoubtedly reasons to protest aspects of life in China, but murdering policemen is always a mistake.

Furthermore, the killing of the policemen was not an act of self-defense. It was a pre-meditated attack. I gather you do not know the difference.

10:27 AM  

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