Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I am glad I'm not forced to stay.

If you look at the counter at the bottom of the page, you will see that a little more than 1,000 people have visited this blog. For a blog that is 57 weeks old, this is a sign of miserable failure. When my blog was in its 57th week, I was just shy of 60,000 visitors.

Why is no_slappz so bad at this? Why is his blog such a pathetic backwater on the World Wide Web? It is certainly not the conservative agenda. There are many successful conservative bloggers. No, the two major reasons for no_slappz' miserable failure to find an audience are simple and ones even a conservative would agree are recipes for failure.

No_slappz is lazy and intellectually inferior.

Lemme 'splain.

Sign of laziness #1: 132 posts in 57 weeks. A blog doesn't have to be updated daily, or even every weekday, but averaging way less than three posts a week is not going to build readership. I was in my fourth month of blogging when I put up my 132nd post. About 6,000 people had visited Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do by then.

Sign of laziness #2: Little to no added value. No_slappz' main problem as a writer is that he isn't a writer. Way too much of this blog is cutting and pasting from other sources, with half hearted and half witted comments thrown in sporadically. Clearly, he is a commenter out of his league as an actual blogger.

Intellectual inferiority: No_slappz isn't monumentally ignorant or a poor user of the English language. Had he been thrust upon the world stage at random like Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber, I have no doubt he would have made a much better show of it than they did.

His problem is what he reaches for, which is critical thinking. It is like a baritone pining to be a tenor. When he sings La Donna e Mobile or Nessun Dorma, all the good work, all the fine tone and diction that has gone before will be forgotten in an instant by the audience when the train wreck of the missed high notes arrives.

His failure as a critical thinker is easily summed up in a single sentence. "It is true because I want it to be true." All evidence to the contrary is to be ignored when no_slappz has already made up his mind. There is no man made component to climate change because no_slappz does not want there to be a man made component. Deregulation is always good because no_slappz' world would be meaningless if this religious tenet was taken away. Never mind that the high priest of deregulation, Alan Greenspan, has had to admit this cult's abysmal failure in public. No_slappz is like some poor sap of a Japanese soldier, still stuck on some tiny island in 1950, unaware that the war is over and his side has surrendered.

Leon Festinger explained this in his seminal work The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. It might be a good read for slappy. It would probably feel like being a guest on the old This Is Your Life TV show.

My reward for winning our wager is to post here for a week. But having kicked around backstage for a while, I see that being here is like the old joke about the grand prize of a sweepstakes being a week's stay in New Jersey, and second prize is two weeks in New Jersey.

Making even this much effort for so tiny an audience is hardly worth my while. I'll probably put a link to my posts here on my blog, just so I can be sure that somebody reads it.



Blogger rawdawgbuffalo said...

it is not a failure slappz, keep thinking and writting

10:46 AM  
Blogger anita said...

it's quality, not quantity matty boy.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Matty Boy said...

Please read what I have written. The quality is very bad as well. There is little to no added value in his posts. He is incapable of critical thinking because he is so trapped by his fantasy of how the world works.

His product isn't selling because it sucks. That's like the free market, right? You people love the free market, don't you?

8:25 AM  
Blogger anita said...

i've been reading no slappz on and off for awhile, here and elsewhere. i rarely comment, i'm just a lurker.

and while i agree he can be dogmatic, but at the same time so is much of the rest of the blogosphere. in fact, that seems to be why most people start blogs in the first place, so that they have a forum on which to be dogmatic.

i can't believe i'm defending no slappz here. because i disagree with him probably 99.7253% of the time, but i do admire (for lack of a better term) his fervor.

and one person's added value is another's drivel.

i don't know you, but i'm feeling kind of mad at your for being so overtly critical of no slappz on his own blog. it seems kind of tacky to me.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Matty Boy said...

He comes to my blog and to other blogs I read and leaves troll comments. I don't come to his blog except that I won a bet that he was foolish enough to propose, which goes along with his general troll behavior.

Not everyone on the net is dogmatic. I have a liberal leaning blog, but I write about what I want to write about regardless of politics. I gave some love today to Ron Paul's economic advisor Peter Schiff. I've written a favorable post about Anne Korin, who is a much stronger believer in the free market than I am, when she brings herself to realize the government might have a role in changing how we use energy by breaking the grip petroleum has as a strategic commodity.

I don't see that thinking in no_slappz, I just see the dogma. For my money, climate change deniers are a very small step up from Young Earthers and Flat Earthers. They don't believe in science because they don't want to believe in science.

4:33 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


Matty Boy is free to write what he wants on my blog. He knows what he writes will remain in public view because he knows I accept all views and opinions even when those views are opinions are as critical as he is capable of making them.

One interesting aspect of Matty Boy is his deeply ingrained rigidity.

As he noted, I have posted on his site and others he visits. As a result of what I've written, he has defined me as a troll.

Apparently a troll is a poster who disagrees with sentiments and spirit of those who write and comment at blogs.

Thus, Matty Boy and others with his hidebound character are annoyed by the intrusion into their cyber paradises. Instead of refuting arguments, Matty Boy and others exercise dictatorial power. They erase the comments that offend them.

This willingness to expunge opposing ideas and remove them from view seems to be a common act on liberal blogs.

In other words, liberal bloggers and their fans are often determined to stick their heads in the sand and keep them there no matter how much sand they inhale.

I suppose they believe there's some benefit to quarantining themselves. Somewhat like two of the three monkeys who hear nothing and see nothing. But they do speak.

It's especially interesting when the subject is Global Warming.

On this topic the submerged megalomania of liberals comes out raging. Liberals seem to believe, first, that there is a real problem. They claim horrifying calamities will descend on the planet if we continue to combust hydrocarbons. That one day the combustion of hydrocarbons will lead to loss of life.

The horror -- Doomsday -- is scheduled to arrive at the end of the current century. Thus, to save the world from this Biblical Fate we must change the behavior of every person on Planet Earth. Every living soul must embrace the fear of Global Warming.

I think this hysteria serves a purpose. It allows liberals to claim they are great humanitarians who are devoted to the betterment of mankind. But controlling the thoughts of everyone on the planet PLUS creating the technology that satisfies the ambitions of the Global Warmists is a prospect that is terrifying in every way.

It also ignores all the very real problems of today. Here's a simple one. Over a million African children under the age of five die EVERY YEAR due to drinking the impure water that runs through much of sub-Sahara Africa.

The leading nations of the world are experts at producing clean drinking water. It's societal bedrock for us. But African nations are not up to the job. Thus, a million kids die needlessly every year.

Why is this technically simple problem so persistent?

In a word: Dictators.

Based on the timeline often cited by Global Warmists, over 100 million African children will have died from drinking dirty water before the affects of slightly warmer and slightly adulterated air appear.

In other words, liberals seem to have a far greater emotional stake in imaginary problems than the real problems killing people today.

Moreover, there are 6.5 billion people on the planet today. Credible estimates put the population at 9 billion by the middle of the century. Furthermore, despite the current ecnomic downturn, prosperity will grow over the coming decades.

How do we measure that prosperity? By the amount of stuff each person has, among other measures. That includes, cars, air conditioners, heating systems, planes, trains, ships and factories.

When we blather about ending poverty, we are blathering about people moving toward a middle-class existence, like 300 million of China's 1.3 billion citizens have.

It's painfully obvious that the number of energy-consuming devices will increase exponentially in the 21st century. Even if every device is redesigned to use 50% less energy, the aggregate numbers of devices will lead to global energy consumption far higher than today's.

Then there are dictators and governments that will ignore the liberal cry about Global Warming. What then? The US is powerful and it will remain so. But it is also true that China and India are gaining power. Both countries will develop policies that benefit themselves as their governments attempt to lift more than 2 billion people out of abject poverty. Global Warming is at the bottom of their priority list.

Tata Motors of India is introducing a $2,500 car and it expects to sell 100 million of them in India -- mostly to first-time car buyers.

Thus, no matter what thoughts pass through liberal minds in America, governments facing the challenge of lifting people off the bottom will focus on the least expensive route to gaining the most ground. They will not comply with Global Warming protocols and regulations if doing so impinges on the lives of citizens. They will clean the water, build schools, seek capital for manufacturing, and attempt to maximize trade opportunities.

But back to my earlier point. Matty Boy and others like him are intolerant. The presence of an offending view on their blogs is like a blog of ketchup that has dropped onto their white shirts and it sends them into a tizzy that does not end until they remove it.

However, Matty Boy does post some interesting blog entries. The math stuff is good. As someone with an undergraduate degree in engineering, I am entertained by those entries. They deal in mathematical facts and the understanding of mathematics. Not opinion. After he leaves the realm of mathematical fact, his positions are no more valid than mine.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor slappz, not!

7:33 PM  

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