Friday, July 10, 2009

bin Laden in Brooklyn

Imitators of Islamic terrorists have surfaced in Brooklyn. In Ditmas Park, where an 8-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty was stolen and then beheaded in a video that is circulating on YouTube.

The clip reminds me of the video of Daniel Pearl's beheading in Pakistan. It seems to have been modeled on Islamic fundamentalist anti-western, anti-US terrorist productions. However, the use of the aluminum baseball bat on Liberty's head added a distinctly American touch. And the use of the electric saw to cut part way through Liberty's neck was an upgrade from the usual muslim method of severing a head with a big knife.

The electric saw and the hand saw also added a Home Depot feeling to the beheading.

A perplexing mystery. Is this video the product of some Islamic fundamentalists living in Little Pakistan on the other side of Coney Island Avenue? Or is it a red herring created to generate some anti-muslim sentiments in the neighborhood?

Is it possible there is a deranged person formerly associated with Vox Pop who might have perpetrated this act?

Meanwhile, it must have taken at least two people with a pick-up truck to manage this caper. People who knew exactly what it would take to move the statue. People who knew what held the statue in place.Any places along Stratford or Cortelyou have security cameras?

People commented on the theft and the video:

“Far too high production value…to be something slopped together by actual terrorists, who are typically far more concerned with *killing* **people** (e.g., Daniel Pearl)…”

Not to worry, Pearl’s beheader, Khalid Muhammad, was captured and has been singing to interrogators ever since. The persuasive power of some brief sessions of waterboarding. Meanwhile, it’s possible there are people affiliated with al-Qaeda living nearby. But it’s not too likely they’ll go further than producing a few harmless videos. After all, that’s the best bin Laden himself can do these days.

However, the slogans in the video – We Don’t Want Your Freedom and Death to America – are on the money when it comes to the way Islamic anti-American sentiments are phrased. Thus, the creators are competent imitators.And, as you and other knowledgeable people have said, this Decapitation of Liberty video was created by one or two people who know a little about video production.

Video 101. Where do you go for that in this area? High school? Brooklyn College? Brooklyn Community Access Television? BCAT offers great training in video basics. For about $100 you get all the training you need. Camera work, lighting, audio. Editing. Studio access. The works. And you can borrow BCAT’s equipment too. However, with today’s inexpensive hardware and software and a little trial-and-error, I suppose the determined videographer can probably master the basics at home without any help.

Home. The floor in the video might have been a basement floor. It looked like a plain cement floor. But considering the 200-pound weight of Lady Liberty and the headache of carrying her down a flight of stairs, the decapitation may well have occurred in a garage, near the vehicle used for transporting the statue.

One person wrote:

“Call me jaded, but... the idea that-- even in Brooklyn, in the middle of the night-- this 6-foot (larger?) statue was removed from the ground even with its newly-secured stakes, and NO one saw a thing...doesn't anyone at least suspect some strange publicity stunt out of all this?”

Is this person suggesting Vox Pop asked everyone with a window overlooking the coffee shop to hit the sack early on the night of the theft and ignore any sights and sounds coming up from the street while the statue was carted off?

That’s a Conspiracy Theory Sander Hicks would approve of.


Blogger no_slappz said...

Hoax or not?

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's in your basement, you should know. Stop lying!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop writing stories about your ex-boyfriends!

11:54 PM  

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