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The Americans are Coming, The Americans are Coming

The Cuban economy must be in worse shape than we thought. It is now taking more effort than ever to divert attention from the utter failure of Fidel's communist state and on to some outide influence.

For the last few decades Fidel and his staff were able to satisfy themselves that support for the endless socialist revolution in Cuba would continue endlessly as long as enough hate speech was directed at the US and its policies. However, when internal failures are too painfully obvious to every resident of the Cuban island, Fidel and his team have to raise the level of the rhetoric.

There seems to be a direct relationship between the state of the Cuban economy and the level of threat to Cuba coming from the US. With the economy in dire straits, it is now necessary to claim the US is planning an invasion.

One might ask why the US would invade a nearly helpless nation that is not capable of threatening America in any direct manner. Cuba is not known for harboring Islamic terrorists, except for those jailed in our facility at Guantanamo Bay. It is utterly incompetent at finding oil and gas in the resource-rich bed of the Gulf of Mexico.

The new drive to whip up some anti-American fear looks like an attempt to stop more Cubans from embracing the belief that the eternal shortages of everything and the huge limitations on their lives are the result of Fidel's failed policies. It is more likely that the Cuban government fears it is about to face a revolt. The people have had enough. They know they've been given a raw deal and they want a change.

Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind

Thu Nov 26, 2009

HAVANA - Cuba began its biggest military maneuvers in five years on Thursday, saying they were needed to prepare for a possible invasion by the United States.

Despite a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations and assurances last week by President Barack Obama that the United States has no intention of invading the island 90 miles from Florida, Cuba's state-run press quoted military leaders as saying there "exists a real possibility of a military aggression against Cuba."

The war games, which are being called "Bastion 2009," also will get the military ready to deal with social unrest the United States may try to foment in this time of economic crisis in Cuba, ahead of an invasion, they said.

Cuban television showed images of tanks firing their guns as they rolled through the countryside, artillery batteries blasting away, camouflaged troops digging trenches and shooting bazookas, attack helicopters and fighter jets buzzing through the sky and rescue teams tending wounded combatants.

It was not clear if the images came from Thursday's maneuvers or from file footage of previous activities, nor were the sites of the war games disclosed.

The maneuvers, which end on Saturday, are taking place at a time when relations between the United States and Cuba have warmed under Obama after five decades of hostility.

He has slightly eased the 47-year-old U.S. trade embargo against the communist-led island and initiated talks on migration and postal service, but based further progress on Cuba releasing political prisoners and improving rights.

The Cuban government under President Raul Castro has said it is open to better relations, but will make no unilateral concessions to the United States.

In a written response to questions from Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez last week, Obama said, "The United States has no intention of using military force in Cuba."


But Cuban military leaders have insisted in state-run press that Bastion 2009 is "a necessity of the first order in the current political-military situation that characterizes the confrontation between Cuba and the empire (the United States)."

They appeared to signal disgruntlement with Obama, whose election brought high hopes of change on the island, saying the embargo goes on and he has not removed Cuba from the United States' list of "terrorist" countries.

History is also a factor. Cuba, fresh from the 1959 revolution that put Fidel Castro in power, fended off a U.S.-backed invasion by Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 and has remained on high alert for another ever since.

At the height of the Cold War, Cuba entered into an alliance with the Soviet Union and received military support until the former superpower collapsed in 1991.

The alliance almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1962 when the Soviets placed nuclear missiles on the island, prompting a showdown with the United States that became known as the Cuban missile crisis.

The tense confrontation ended peacefully when the Soviets withdrew the missiles in exchange for a U.S. pledge to never invade Cuba and, it was later revealed, pull its own missiles from Turkey.

Most of Cuba's materiel dates from the Soviet era, but Russia recently agreed to modernize the arsenal as part of a renewal of friendship between the former allies.


Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

iN 1962 Fidel invited Nikita Kruschev to place IRBM Nuke Missles
on that Island, threatening the eastern one-half of the United States.

For three weeks there was the grim possiblity of Global Nuclear War!

Eventually, Cubans will demand change, away from their totalitarian masters.

Today, it's Venasuela's Hugo Chazez, looking to the wild & crazy Mullahs of IRAN for their support, and the puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad grins at the Tv Cameras; Ali Khomeinei is the current Nut-Case-In-Chief. Obama lacks Foreign Affairs Experience... seems oblivious to the serious threat.

A true 'Profile of Timidity' where Courage is Lacking.


3:24 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


To me it looks like a game to distract the unfortunate Cubans from their daily grind.

However, the US could invade Cuba and overthrow the government without firing a shot. All we have to do is end the embargo and send waves of American tourists to the island.

If a million or two Americans were taking their iPods, videos, cell phones, magazines, jeans, music, and a hundred other aspects of prosperity to Cuba, in a short period the government would lose control of the population.

A tourist invasion would sweep away Fidel's government by rendering it irrelevant.

Those clowns cannot find oil in the Gulf. That is a show of monumental incompetence.

But Obama is afraid to end the embargo, even though he could win a bloodless war by signing a document. Terrible.

It is almost as though he wants Venezuela and the Iranians to get a foothold in Cuba, enabling them to cause problems in the Caribbean.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a great movie!

10:56 PM  

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