Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Major Hasan's Insanity Defense -- Islam Made Me Do It

Major Hasan's attorney believes his client should defend himself on the basis of insanity. That's a fascinating premise. However, Attorney Galligan should consider that Major Hasan's actions were common and acceptable to millions of those practitioners of the Religion of Peace, otherwise known as Islam. It is easy to understand that a muslim who slaughtered non-muslims while yelling Allahu Akbar was led to the necessary mental state when you consider that Islam is a religion founded by a schizophrenic.

Thus, Major Hasan is a crazy person enthralled by the teachings of another deranged figure. If ever there were birds of a feather sticking together, this is it. Maybe Attorney Galligan will establish the legal precedent that an expressed belief in Islam is evidence of mental illness.

Atty: Fort Hood suspect may use insanity defense

FORT WORTH, Texas - An Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people during an attack on his Texas post will likely plead not guilty to the charges against him and may use an insanity defense at his military trial, his attorney said Monday.
John Galligan, the civilian attorney for Maj. Nidal Hasan, said he is considering an insanity defense among other options, but that it's too early to determine his defense strategy.

"Based on the evidence thus far, his mental status must be raised," Galligan told The Associated Press by phone from his office near Fort Hood, about 130 miles southwest of Dallas. "Anybody who allegedly engages in conduct that is completely contradictory to his lifestyle and military career—an insanity defense has to be considered."

Hasan has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the Nov. 5 shooting at Fort Hood, and military officials have said they may file more charges. More than two dozen others were wounded in the shooting spree, which happened at a building where soldiers finalize their wills and are medically screened before they are deployed.

Galligan said military law requires his client to plead not guilty if prosecutors seek the death penalty, but he said that decision has not been made.

Hasan remains in intensive care at a San Antonio military hospital, where he was taken after being shot during the attack. At a hearing in his hospital room Saturday, Hasan was ordered to remain in custody until trial.

Galligan said he is frustrated because prosecutors are taking too long to respond to his questions and requests. He said he has asked why no witnesses were allowed to testify during Saturday's hearing, and why it was closed to the news media. He said he had planned to question Hasan's commander, who in documents indicated Hasan would be moved to an unspecified hospital but did not say when.


Blogger John Byrnes said...


The dilemma caused by the shooting at Fort Hood by Major Hasan exemplifies how each of our programs have failed us. When supervisors, counselors and task forces members rely on subjective references of culture and mental illness, observers miss the signs specific to aggression referenced in post analysis. When observers focus specifically on aggressive behavior, the objective and culturally neutral signs of “aggression” standout, providing the opportunity to prevent these violent encounters.

Major Hasan was under surveillance by two Terrorist Task Forces, one with Department of Defense oversight and the other with FBI oversight. So why wasn’t he stopped?

The use of subjective/qualitative indicators, prone to stereotype individuals by culture or religion; versus quantitative indicators and the use of mental health references know to mislead and misconstrue, fails us repeatedly in our attempts to prevent acts of violence. Only when we use the specificity of “aggression” and its objective, culturally neutral indicators can we get-out-in-front of these acts of aggression and prevent them. Why are current systems uses on campus failing us?

The answer is quite simple – The military does not have an objective and culturally neutral system that collects information and evaluates it to determine the degree (or level) of aggression an individual is displaying, nor has it people who have a clear responsibility to observe and report this information. Learn more about the problem and the solution by reading our Blog: http://Blog.AggressionManagement.com

2:02 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...

John Byrnes,

In my view the military is capable of looking inward and assessing the inclinations of its members. Especially when uncontrolled violence is the concern.

We are, after all, at war with opponents who exploit their mix of religion and suicide to kill our troops as well as a maximum number of innocent people.

It was Political Correctness that left the door open for Major Hasan's terrorist act.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

What's the difference between a catfish and an attorney?
One's a scum-sucking bottom-dweller, and the other's just a fish.

That's my view on attorney Galligan.

The time is way past due to get rid of Political Correctness when it comes to this moslem infestation of our planet.

7:34 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...


I agree.

10:30 AM  

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