Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Skies and Sun -- What a Wonderful World

A few of today's headlines suggest the leaders of the world have had enough of all the Doom & Gloom talk caused by worries about the climate.

World leaders back delay to final climate deal

Russia's Medvedev warns of climate catastrophe

From a year ago, when statements made by Barack Obama lacked a connection to reality:

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008

"Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response," says Barack Obama.

Yesterday, however, was a different story.

Obama retreats on climate change. President expected to discuss arms control with Russia.

World leaders back delay to final climate deal

Sun Nov 15, 2009

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders on Sunday supported delaying a legally binding climate pact until 2010 or even later, but European negotiators said the move did not imply weaker action.

Some argued that legal technicalities might otherwise distract the talks in Copenhagen and it was better to focus on the core issue of cutting climate-warming emissions.

The Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen will bring together representatives from 192 countries to discuss issues affecting the environment of Planet Earth. However, none of the agreements and understandings reached by the representatives of the attending nations will be binding.

Sounds like a boondoogle of epic proportions. How does a person get invited to this party?


Blogger Winfred Mann said...

If these people didn't have power, this scenario would be comical, reminiscent of the Keystone Cops.
How much money do these individuals make for themselves on these activities?

12:18 PM  
Blogger no_slappz said...

It seems to be the money is all in the future. Global Warming and Climate Change legislation promise big bucks for everyone.

I realized that after Bush publicly stated that he too believed Global Warming posed a threat that every scientist, no matter how deeply he opposed these claims, would have a moment of clarity and realize that getting on the G.W. bandwagon is the fastest way to get funding for a lot of good projects.

As Tom Wolfe noted in The Right Stuff, as far as the astronauts were concerned "No Bucks, No Buck Rogers."

Thus, no matter what scientists believe, if they want funding, they must play along.

Maybe Obama is becoming aware of how science really works. Maybe he's relieved that no nations will take action on climate issues for a few years, which will let him off the hook for spending more money we do not have.

As much as he seems to want to bankrupt the country, maybe the G.W. path to impoverishment is too much, even for him.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't that the name of a song?

1:03 PM  

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