Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama -- Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction

Addition. That's the word Obama uses to describe our use of the gift from the Earth that has catapulted the US from its founding over two centuries ago to history's most phenomenal nation. Oil has been our vitamin, the stuff that has given us the strength to build the most extraordinary economy the world has ever known. Our achievement would not have been possible if Oil were a recreational drug. Oil has given this country health and vitality. Its use has led to monumental prosperity.

But Obama believes the country is addicted to oil. In other words, he thinks our prosperity is an illusion stemming from the foolish consumption of mind-altering energy drink.

Energy Plan

On energy, Obama said that, with oil prices dropping in recent weeks, ``it may be a little harder politically'' to enact measures to lessen U.S. dependence on foreign energy. ``But it's more important,'' he said, noting that the country has gone through earlier cycles of energy shocks only to return to its heavy reliance on foreign oil.

As a result of such behavior, he said, ``we never make any progress. It's part of the addiction, all right. That has to be broken. Now is the time to break it.''


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