Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Obama -- Friend of Osama

Obama's Aghanistan speech covered some interesting ground and also avoided a lot of critical territory. Like Pakistan. After hearing his plans, it is painfully clear that Osama bin Laden will continue his relatively undisturbed stay in Pakistan, where he's probably moving between caves in Waziristan and some of the other tribal regions.

With no US troops hunting for him on Pakistani soil, seemingly stated as part of Obama's plan, Osama can go about his business, whatever that is, without worrying too much about getting shot or captured.

Meanwhile, an extra 30,000 US troops will look for him in Afghanistan. Of course the bigger question is why the Taliban matters on the international scene. These tribal warriors are effectively illiterates who get around on horseback and have spent their entire lives in the Afghan and Pakistan mountains. Though they undoubtedly share many of the same sensibilities as al Qaeda, it is unlikely they have global ambitions.

However, the do present an obstacle to democracy and capitalism. Thus, there are many good reasons to destroy their end of the muslim world.

Unfortunately, Obama failed to mention why he is willing accept Pakistan as it is -- a nation that hates the US and is doing as little as possible to reduce its role as the safe haven for muslim terrorists. It is about time for the US to take control of the Pakistani nuclear weapons. But Obama seems open to the possibility of delaying that action until someone discovers that a few Pakistani nuclear weapons are missing.

Anyway, Obama campaigned on the promise of closing one military jail on one US base on a Caribbean island. Despite the strong words about closing Guantanamo, he has discovered that achieving his goal is tough -- and suddelnly looking like a foolish idea.

With 30,000 more troops heading to Afghanistan, our military will need room to incarcerate many more captured terrorists -- unless Obama would prefer that every muslim combatant is killed.

First he failed to close Guantanamo. Probably because he realized we need to keep it open. Now he's sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan but then reversing the flow and bringing them back to the US in 18 months. That was his latest promise. However, a president who cannot close one military jail is incapable of declaring that a war will end in 18 months.

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Blogger Winfred Mann said...

The Taliban matter only in the respect that they must go, because they are an impediment to modernization.. The Taliban propagate the tribal rule that lingers in this backwater country. It’s essential to establish some form of central government that acts in the interest of the people.
Goals include establishing an education system in lieu of Islamic indoctrination and growing an economy other than the opium trade.

2:11 PM  

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